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Dental Unit
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l   All controlled by the electric valve
l   DC Motor ; Assistant controlled system by touchpad
l   Automatic thermostatic water supply system
l  Compensate Wider Dental Unit
l   Handpiece tubing with standard fittings               3sets
l   Three way springe (one for hot ,one for cold)      2sets
l   Water suction and saliva ejector (with switch)      1set
l   Powerful suction apparatus                            1set each
l   Easy cleaning Integral and turn able toughened glass spittoon
l   Water purified system with bottle of built-in
l   Strong and weak two set operation light                1set
l   X-film viewer
l   Spirit lock tight Equilibrium Device
l   Instrument tray with air brake
l   Dental stool                                                                  1set
l   Suitable for adult and children headrest
l   Three programmable positions
l   Multifunctional Foot pedal                                          1set



l   Supply Voltage                          110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz
l   Air Pressure                                                     0.55Mpa
l   Water Pressure                                       0.2Mpa-.04Mpa
l   Lowest position of chair                                     440mm
l   Highest position of chair                                      860mm
l   Chair-back highest                                                        5<
l   Chair-hack lowest                                                        85<




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